Customs Clearance Procedure in Mongolia


Goods are cleared based on a Customs Merchandise Declaration, which is filled out by the importer/exporter in Mongolian. The importer/exporter can use the service of broker companies such as MONGOLTRANS, TUUSHIN and IFFC, to prepare the Merchandise Customs Declaration.


The general steps to clear imported goods are shown below and should be followed in sequence:


  1. 1. Importer/ Exporter (I/E) obtains shipment documents from the Transport Dispatcher at the point of arrival of goods (UB Train Station, Toolkit Station or “Gurvaljin” container yard, etc.).
  2. An inspector at the Ulaanbaatar Railroad Customs makes sure that the packet of papers is complete and reviews shipment documents.
  3. I/E goes to one of the broker companies (MONGOLTRANS, TUUSHIN and IFFC) to prepare a Merchandise Customs Declaration.
  4. Payment of taxes and fees to the bank (located in the same building as the Ulaanbaatar Railroad Customs).
  5. I/E brings all collected documents to a goods clearance officer at the UB Railroad Customs and obtains a number for the Merchandise Customs Declaration.
  6. Importer/Exporter and Customs Inspector go to the container yard to inspect the goods.
  7. Goods are inspected and released.

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