Documents Required to import a car in Ireland

Documents required for Custom Clearance, Registration and Licensing

For Customs

  • Bill of Lading (B/L): You need the original to prove that you’re the one who should take it.
  • Invoice(s): Your invoice(s) to prove to Customs how much you paid for it and shipping.
  • Deregistration Certificate: Required for Japanese imports by Customs.

For Vehicle Registration:

  • Completed VRT4 Form (provided at all VRO offices)
  • Purchasing Invoice
  • Deregistration or Export Certificate
  • Proof of payment of Duty
  • Laser Card, bank draft or personal cheque (for VRT payment)

For Licensing (also called Road Tax or Motor Tax):

  • Completed RF-100 Form
  • Current Certificate of Insurance issued in Ireland
  • Payment card (Laser, Visa, or MasterCard) to pay appropriate fee.

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