Import Policy in India

India Import Policy

Passenger cars/jeeps/multi utility vehicles, etc., which are in the restricted category may be imported without a licence on payment of full Customs duty by the following categories of importers:

(a) Individuals coming to India for permanent settlement after two year’s continuous stay abroad;

  1. (b) Resident Indians presented with a car as an award in any international event/match/ competition;
  2. (c) Legal heirs/successors of deceased relatives residing abroad;
  3. (d) Physically handicapped persons;
  4. (e) Companies incorporated in India having foreign equity participation;
  5. (f) Branches/offices of foreign firms;
  6. (g) Charitable/missionary institutions registered with the Ministry of Welfare and the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India;
  7. (h) Honorary Consuls of Foreign Countries on the recommendations of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India;
  8. (i) Journalists/Correspondents of foreign news agencies having accredition certificate with the Press Information Bureau, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India.


All the above categories shall be entitled to import only one vehicle except categories (e) and (f), which shall be entitled to import maximum of three vehicles. Persons in category (d) shall be entitled to import only specially designed vehicles suitable for use by handicapped. All such import shall carry a “NO SALE” condition of two years which shall be endorsed by the Customs Authorities on the passport/registration documents at the time of import and by the Regional Transport Authorities when such vehicles are presented for registration in India. All such imports, except by the physically handicapped persons, shall not involve any foreign exchange remittance from India directly or indirectly. The DGFT may, however, permit relaxation of these conditions or imports by any other category not listed in this Public Notice in special circumstances.


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