toyota-hilux-extra-cab-4x4-sr5-manual-seating capacity

Toyota Hilux Design: Seating Capacity

Toyota Hilux Design: Seating Capacity

toyota-hilux-extra-cab-4x4-sr5-manual-seating capacityWe know that there will be jobs where you need a full team, and others where it’s just you. So the HiLux offers great flexibility in seating, across the range. There is plenty of cabin space, with seating for up to 6 adults in the Double-Cab (available on some manual models), up to 4 adults in the Extra-Cab models and up to 3 adults in some manual Single-Cab models. And with carefully researched and ergonomically designed seating, you also get more legroom and space between occupants.

And because comfort comes as standard across the range, the driver and passenger front seats are separate, making a comfortable drive simple for both of you. The driver and the front passenger seats have a cushion panel to support your hip, helping to reduce fatigue for both driver and passenger on long drives. Even the lifting lever on the drivers seat is sensibly designed to adjust your driving position without also changing the angle of the seat. Seating the entire team in comfort and safety is just another way the HiLux takes whatever the job throws at you.

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