Toyota Hilux Design: Tray Capacity

Toyota Hilux Design: Tray Capacity

Toyota HiLux needs to carry everything you require for a job, so it comes with spacious and carefully designed tray capacities. Because we know that the vehicle weight limit can also be something you need to consider, we also offer a range of alloy tray bodies, designed to have an overall lighter body weight.

For a heavier workload, a galvanised Steel range is available with a choice of flat steel, chequer-plate steel or timber flooring. All steel trays can be colour coded to match the vehicle. The 2400mm-long Tray can accommodate two standard pallets or a 2400mm-long x 1700mm-wide sheet of plywood with the tailgate closed (except when spare wheel is fitted to the headboard) while still allowing excellent Towbar access.

If the job requires additional strength and stability, without increasing your weight limit, we also offer alloy tray bodies, which have a lighter overall weight, to improve load capacity. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from three types of Alloy Tray Bodies – Entry Level Alloy Tray, General Purpose Alloy Tray and Heavy Duty Alloy Tray. Toyota Genuine Tray Bodies are designed to safely carry maximum vehicle payload#.

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