Car Inspection in Kenya

Roadworthy Inspections for Kenya

The Kenya Bureau of Standards has authorized JEVIC (Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Certificate) to perform Kenya Roadworthiness Inspections (RWI) in Japan, Dubai, South Africa, United Kingdom and Singapore. JEVIC issue to the Shipper/Supplier a Certificate of Conformity and the Test Results. An IDF will be required before any Inspection can be performed.

You can visit Kenya Bureau of Standards at their website at for more information.

Since JEVIC is not present in Thailand. A customer has told us that Kenya Bureau of Standards has given him the following information:


“Currently vehicles from Thailand are not subject to a mandatory pre-shipment inspection. Instead, they are inspected locally. Provided the vehicles are under 8 years old and Right Hand drive, they are allowed into the country. The importer then pays an inspection fee of 15,000 Kenya Shillings at point of entry and then later takes the vehicle to Ministry of Roads for inspection.”

Roadworthy Inspection By JEVIC

The major points of the RWI encompass;

  • The vehicle must be less than 8 years of age
  • The vehicle must be right hand drive
  • The vehicle must pass a safety and mechanical inspection (similar to the Japanese Periodic Inspection – Shaken)
  • Vehicle odometer reading must be consistent with the documented mileage. No fraudulent tampering or replacement clusters permitted.


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