Car Registration and Insurance in Jamaica

Putting the vehicle on the Road in Jamaica

Before driving on the public road, prior to removing the motor vehicle from the wharf, you should obtain motor insurance coverage through an insurance agency or broker.

On clearing the vehicle, and having paid the relevant fee at the nearest Taxpayers Service Centre or Collector of Taxes of the Inland Revenue Department, a Certificate of Fitness should be obtained from a Motor Vehicle Examination Depot to indicate that it complies with Jamaican standards, for example, please note that in the case of Left Hand Drive vehicles imported from North America and other territories where one drives on the right side of the road, it is necessary to adjust or change the vehicle’s headlights prior to presenting it for examination.


Finally, the insurance cover note or certificate, the Certificate of Fitness, and the Import Entry Documentation should be taken to the Taxpayers Service Centre so that the vehicle can be registered, registration plates purchased, and an application made for a Title of Ownership of the vehicle. Each of these items attracts a fee.


Drivers should note that if you do not already have a valid Jamaican driver’s licence, you can drive in Jamaica on a valid overseas licence for one (1) year only before it is necessary to secure a Jamaican licence.


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