Zimbabwe Country Description By Zimbabwe Top Car 4×4 Pickup SUV Dealer exporter

Thailand top new and used car 4x4 vigo triton exporter to Zimbabwejim is Thailand’s, Australia’s, New Zealand’s and Untied Kingdom’s top exporter to Zimbabwe. A landlocked country of south-central Africa, Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) lies between the Zambezi River on the N and the Limpopo River on the S. It has an area of 390,580 sq km (150,804 sq mi), with a length of 852 km (529 mi) WNW–ESE and a width of 710 km (441 mi) NNE–SSW. Comparatively, the area occupied by Zimbabwe is slightly larger than the state of Montana. Bounded on the N and E by Mozambique, on the S by the Republic of South Africa, on the SW by Botswana, and on the NW and N by Zambia, Zimbabwe has a total boundary length of 3,066 km (1,905 mi). Zimbabwe’s capital city, Harare, is located in the northeast part of the country.

The word “Zimbabwe” is derived from the Shona dzimba dza mabwe (house of stones). It has been written that one of the most striking features of Zimbabwe is the depth of its historical roots; that the past of Zimbabwe can be followed, through both traditions and documents, as a continuous story for five centuries. With more than a passing resemblance to a magazine’s “best of” issue cover, Zimbabwe is a beautiful country to visit, with hinterlands which are positively bursting with gorgeousness, both four-legged and furry, wild and winged, spiky and splashy.

Zimbabwe covers 150,000 square miles, about the size of US state of Montana. It is bounded by Zambia on the north, Mozambique on the east, Botswana on the west, and South Africa on the south. The landscape varies from flat and rolling ranges, to farmland and mountains, all marked by granite outcroppings. Points of geographical and scenic interest include the magnificent Victoria Falls and manmade Lake Kariba on the Zambezi River, the mountainous Eastern Highlands along the Mozambique border, and the historically important ruins of Great Zimbabwe, the capital of the ancient civilization of Zimbabwe, located near Masvingo, and several game parks.

Most of our shipments heading to Zimbabwe go to Durban, South Africa and Beira, Mozambique. Toyota Hilux Vigo, Nissan Navara, Mazda BT-50, Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Prado and Toyota Land Cruiser are our biggest 4×4 exports and Mercedez Benz, Audi and BMW are some luxury vehicles that were once purchased in Zimbabwe and hopefully will again soon as economy improves.

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