Intertek Inspection for Mozambique

Intertek INspection required for Mozambique

Step 1: Apply For Moz number

We issue a First Invoice with Chassis code and other details of the vehicle. You take this invoice at your Local Intertek office and apply for MOZ number. Here is information on Intertek in Mozambique:.
Intertek International Ltd
TEL: + 258 21 467 070
FAX: + 258 21 467 051
Email: [email protected]<
Address: Edificio “Indel” Av. De Angola 2696 – 1 andar Maputo

Step 2: email Moz Number

Once you have obtained MOZ Number email it to us at [email protected]

Step 3: Payment & intertek Inspections


Western will apply for Intertek inspection in Thailand, Australia, Singapore or wherever our vehicle is being shipped for. Inspection may take up to 10 days depending on how busy the inspectors are. Booking of your vehicle for shipment will be arranged once the Intertek inspection is completed. Meanwhile please make payment so we can proceed with inspection


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