Tata Super CNG Engine

Tata Super CNG Engine – Advantages of 100% CNG Engine

The SUPER CNG engine in the TATA Xenon Super CNG is specially designed for use with CNG fuel, with exact compression ratio needed for perfect combustion of CNG fuel. Result is optimized engine performance while running on CNG, which is unlike petrol or diesel engines modified for CNG use. The 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve MPI engine, with a displacement of 2,092cc, is capable of producing 115 hp at 5,500 rpm and 175 Nm at 3,750 rpm.

The SUPER CNG engine from TATA is specially designed for use with CNG fuel where the compression ratio in the combustion chamber is unique from other types of engines.

Modified diesel or petrol engine cannot achieve ideal conditions for CNG ignition. Mixing liquid fuel such as petrol or diesel with gaseous fuel such as CNG will cause the engine to lose some output. Only the new SUPER CNG engine in TATA Xenon SUPER CNG is specifically designed to be used with CNG fuel and provides the exact compression ratio needed for perfect combustion of CNG fuel.

As a result, the compression ratio of the SUPER CNG engine, with bore and stroke of 86 x 90 mm, has been set at 12:1

Note: Approximate compression ratio of different types of engines:
Diesel 17:1
Petrol 9:1
CNG 12:1

The highest performance is achieved with the engine boasting 4 valves per cylinder. Valve lashes are adjusted automatically by a durable, low-noise and maintenance free hydraulic lash adjuster supplied by INA (Germany). Multipoint Sequential CNG gas injection system from Alternative Fuel Systems (Canada) and state-of-the-art CNG injectors from Bosch (Germany) supplies gaseous CNG fuel according to a real-time demand. Ignition is controlled by intelligent microprocessor software and gas injection is adjusted for ideal performance in all operation conditions.

An intelligent ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is behind the exceptional performance of the TATA Xenon SUPER CNG, providing a smooth interface between each part of the system. ECU processes data from various Bosch (Germany) & Valeo (France) sensors for the most efficient and economical fuel consumption. It also controls fuel injection, responding to changes in vehicle speed and acceleration. Fuel-air mixture is adjusted automatically for optimum performance regardless of the source quality of natural gas. For even greater safety, gas supply is automatically cut off in the event of a collision preventing any possible leakage.

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