Toyota Zelas Features

Toyota Zelas Features

Toyota Zelas is a coupe you will own with pride. It stands out distinctly. Its design spells power and speed, and its form reflects sporty energy. Toyota Zelas. Its powerful attraction is irresistible.

I. Toyota Zelas Performance: Your journey is just an excuse.

All you want is to drive it and feel its power. Toyota Zelas is created for those obsessed with driving. Even thinking about it excites you. So where will you go tonight?

Acoustic Control Induction System (ACIS)

Optimises torque across the full range of engine speeds, from low to high rpm to give you optimal control of air intake volume in response to engine speed

Automatic 6-speed Transmission

Toyota Zelas’ super intelligent six speed automatic transmission gives you sporty driving with multimode automatic transmission and racecar inspired paddle shift switches.

Dual Variable Valve Timing-intelligent (VVT-i)

Maintain vehicle control under adverse conditions with Zelas’ VVT-I power and responsiveness, giving you optimal control of intake and exhaust valve timing in response to driving conditions for outstanding performance.

II. Toyota Zelas Comfort: Every facet of Zelas is an invitation.

Toyota Zelas sizzling looks complementing your desire to drive.

Toyota Zelas Audio System

Eight optimally positioned speakers produce a specially tuned sound quality. The exclusive amplifier located under the driver’s seat increases woofer output, delivering powerful playback of deep bass

Flexible Storage with 60/40 Split

The fold down rear seatbacks let you arrange the luggage space to easily accommodate whatever loads you need.

Sonar Parking System

The system detects obstacles behind the vehicle and alerts you with an audio alert.

Steering wheel switches

Control the audio system without taking your hands off the wheel. Switches are ergonomically positioned diagonally for easy operation.

III. Toyota Zelas Safety: Your Special Space

Enjoy being in command, confident of its super safe add ons.

Active Headrest

In the event of a rear end collision, front seats with Active Headrest contribute to reducing neck impact, by moving the headrest diagonally upwards cushioning both the head and back at the same time

Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) Airbags

Helping to reduce the impact to driver and passengers in a collision, the Zelas is equipped with SRS driver airbags, front passenger airbag, and knee airbags to protect you and all your passengers

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