Personally import a used car into Trinidad


As mentioned above you don’t need an import permit for import of brand new diesel or brand new Gasoline vehicles but import of used vehicles is strictly regulated and anyone who wishes to import a vehicle be they an indvidual, dealer or a company must apply for an Import Licence which will be subject to the following conditions. Please note that you cannot import a used diesel vehicle as either an individual or a dealer: A corporation is allowed under certain circumstances to import a used diesel vehicle for their use but may not sell it for a certain number of years:

  1. The Individual who is seeking the import Licence for the importation of a used motor car must personally order and make arrangements for the landing of the vehicle at the Port of Entry. The individual is disqualified from protection by the Ministry of Trade and Industry with respect to the inappropriate dealings of any Registered Dealer in connection with the vehicle.

  2. An Individual will be allowed to import only ONE (1) vehicle within a 3-year period and ownership of this vehicle will NOT be transferable during that period.

  3. The vehicle must be no more than FOUR (4) years old from the year of manufacture at the time of importation into Trinidad and Tobago.

  4. The vehicle must also be accompanied by a Certificate of Cancellation of Registration stamped by the Transport Authority in the country of origin such document should bear the engine and chassis numbers of the vehicle.

  5. The vehicle must also be accompanied by age verification document showing exact age of the vehicle i.e. year of manufacture of vehicle.

  6. The imported vehicle must be structurally sound on importation and meet all environmental requirements as determined by statute or regulations approved by the Transport Commissioner.

  7. The imported vehicle must NOT be fitted with a diesel engine.

  8. The vehicle must be fitted with an ozone friendly refrigerant in its air conditioning system.

  9. Prior to registration the vehicle must be in a generally good condition and must be subject to inspection and certification by the Transport Commissioner as to its roadworthiness for use on the roads of Trinidad and Tobago.

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